Services and Presentations

I enjoy presenting over using technology in the multi-ability classroom, organizing a classroom, connecting classrooms, and gaming in the kinder-5th grade class.  Contact me at and I will be happy to send you my curriculum vitae and work with your needs! 
These are only a few of my sessions:

Data Overload and Organizing it all
Data is important but how do we keep up with it all and stay organized- participants walk away with different ways to take data, organize your students and staff, and ways to reinforce them all so it flows smoothly.

Technology in the Multi-ability Classroom 
Students of all abilities are growing up in a digital age.  Are you meeting the needs of all your students when it comes to technology?  Participants during this session will walk away with free sites, resources, and ideas on how to connect with other educators to increase your global think tank.

Connecting Classrooms

As educators we are always looking for ways to expand our students learning. Why stay inside the classroom?  Are you only allowed one field trip a year?  With the expansion of online resources there are so many ways to allow our students and classrooms the ability to connect with others. Participants during this session will learn ways to connect their classrooms with other classrooms (or authors/professionals/movie stars), discuss ways to “travel” outside the classroom, and walk away with resources to continue to stay connected. The possibilities are endless.

Are You up for the Challenge